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What is the SWIFT/BIC code of the New York Community Bank?

Title says it all :).


Is that a different bank? AFAIK every bank has its own SWIFT/BIC code, no exception, but still some of those american banks don't seem to have one listed...

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    Nothing for New York Community Bank, but there is a New York Commercial Bank with SWIFT code of ABNYUS33XXX

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    It doesn't. That was just the easiest Democrat led initiative to blame the housing crash on. CRA or any other law also didn't force banks to push 80/20 mortgages, risky ARMs with ridiculous teaser rates, or any of the other tactics that filled their balance sheets with toxic assets. But, if people were to correctly blame banks for the mess, it would justify reasonable regulation which is frowned upon by some even if it makes perfect sense for all involved.

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