Where or can I get an old hunting knife fixed?

I have an old German Stag Hunting knife, a real nice find if you like knives, (Though I have messed the blade up a bit trying to sharpen it) Anyway, it's always been loose in the handle. I spotted at the bottom where it looks like a screw or wedge, but I don;t have a tool to open it. Can a knife shop fix it, or can I do it myself?

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    There are three places I would check. If there is an outdoor store or gun or knife shop in your area see if they have someone they send their blades to. That person may be the most professional and not decrease the value of the knife.

    Second, I would check the hardware stores and see if they have sharpening services. If so, it's probably someone who stops by once a week and drops off blades he/she has sharpened, and pick up ones to be sharpened. In my experience there are two categories of people that do this. First is someone that has bought a sharpening machine and will throw everything on it, regardless of whether it's appropriate or not. The second are people who are retired and want a little extra income. Often the second knows a lot about different blade types and often are collectors themselves, so they know how to work with a knife without decreasing it's value. Just ask someone that works at the store if they had an expensive knife, would they let their guy work on it, and it should let you know whether or not you should trust them.

    Lastly, if the above options aren't available, try a locksmith. It seems a lot of locksmiths in small towns also are very good at knife work.

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    black smith or metal shop if you can't find a knife smith. Many gunsmiths who work on black powder weapons also work on knives.

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    Yes, I think any knife smith should be able to fix it.


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