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Why are they rebooting the Spider Man Movies?

They are redoing the Spider Man movies with a whole new cast, directer, story etc. Why? Spider Man 3 just came out in 2007. Usually movies don't get a remake until like 20 years after. I saw the first photos of the new suit and it doesn't even look like Spider Man. The series with Toby M. looks way more like the comic books.

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    Now for the real answer (as i always provide)

    SONY wanted 3 more movies and Sam Rami and cast were willing to do at least one more.

    But there were demands SONY was making on how to make them or something and Rami wouldnt go with their demands.

    Dunst and Maguire had said that if rami left they would not do another without him

    Rami quit over the demands and they left within hours.

    Instead of recasting for the sequels they rebooted.

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    Raimi couldn't make Sony's deadlines, so they started a reboot.

    Spiderman has had numerous suits over many years. The new suit does, in fact, look like Spiderman. And, if anything, Andrew Garfield looks MUCH more like Peter Parker than 30 something Tobey did (sure Garfield is no teenager, but at least he looks young). The reboot is based more on the "Ultimate Spiderman" comics which features a younger Peter Parker in a more contemporary setting. The reboot is also supposed to be gritty and darker. Looks like it might actually be badass.

    It's a good thing John Crisp came along otherwise who knows where we'd all be right now

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    it probable has to do with Tobey Maquire and Sam Raimi are not to any extent further in touch, and the studio is making an attempt to maintain it sparkling and new by skill of including a faux experience of renewal into the franchise. reminiscent of what ask your self Comics did to the "maximum suitable" universe line of comics.

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    i know, it made me mad when i heard about it too. i really wanted to see what happened after spiderman 3. even though im not happy about the reboot but at least spidey will have a hotter girlfriend( emma stone). but im still not that happy about it.

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