Buying College Textbooks?

hey guys so i was wondering should i buy my textbooks now or wait until i actually go to the class and see if they even use the textbook cause last semester only one of my classes used the textbook everyday and all the others just sat in my dorm collecting that was a waste of 500 bucks.

so what do you think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    On my textbook list there was a section where it said "required" or "recommended." I never bought books that were just recommended. For the required books, I generally waited until the first day of class to see how often the book would be used (reading assignments are generally printed directly on syllabus in my experience) and then either bought it or worked out a deal with a classmate to share books if there was a really rare need for the book.

    Some teachers pitch fits about having these things on day one, but particularly in lower-division classes you might not even stay in the class or be taking a class in your field. If your teacher is pushy about it, go buy it from the bookstore (careful with shrink-wrapped packets/books - they aren't usually returnable) and return it later if you can find a cheaper one online. I bought about 80% of my books online throughout my six years of college because occasionally I could find a competitive used-book price in the university bookstore or I had to buy course packets which are, of course, only available at the bookstore.

    Good luck! Use your savings wisely. :)

    PS Selling textbooks back can be surprisingly easy. I sold a lot of books back through because they pay for shipping and I don't have to post them individually for sale through amazon or craigslist or something. Selling them to friends was generally easiest, but not always an option as I advanced into classes in my major.

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    9 years ago

    Why I'm a firm believer of getting your textbooks Now. Shopping online for your textbooks is always cheaper then buying books at the campus or near by bookstore. I'm sorry you spent $500. That seems really high. This time visit a textbook price comparison site that does the decision making for you instantly in-front of you. It is possible to get a semester worth of books around couple hundred dollars. If the professor is upfront he will let you know if a book is required. Buy your books now if you can, preferably used.

    Why are your books collecting dust ? You can always return or sell your books at a better value. I sell my textbooks when the semester is over on amazon. I go on to find the cheapest books I need. Today a coworker asked me how much an Anatomy book cost if we searched Sharebean. We discovered he would have over paid at Amazon $154 or the bookstore $178. Alibris had it for $88.

    If that is not an avenue you want to take, renting is an option. I used rental sites like and had no complaints whats so over. At the end I would send it back when I was done.The professor changed editions so l bother with the hassle trying to get rid of it. It is cheaper, but may not be the cheapest because you can always sell a used edition if you know you can get money back. I hope this helps, and enjoy your semester.

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  • Janice
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    4 years ago

    Amazon Ebay Alibris or just rent it for the semester you need it. It may be cheaper to do. Chegg

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