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Is there anyway my desktop has the same IP as my laptop?

I made a bet with my friend(we were bored)we started thinking about computer IP's because we know alot of rpg websites do not allow one person to have two accounts with the same IP address,I bet him.then we got to talking and he bet ten dollars that my desktop has the same IP as my laptop

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    it is not possible!

    every machine has different IP address but yess internet IP address can be same if you connect through same router!

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    Like Steve said, your internet connection IP will be different from the one used on your home network.

    Normally your IP used for you to access the internet is leased, and chosen from a pool of addresses offered by your ISP. It is possible that someone else could have that IP address after the lease has ran out. You certainly wouldn't have the same IP address as someone at the same time though.

    In your home network, you normally have an IP address within the range of 192.168.X.X

    You can manually assign a static IP address to your laptop and your desktop but it wouldn't work. This is called an IP conflict.

    The RPG website wouldn't use your device IP address though it would use the one that is assigned to your internet connection for your modem/router.

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    It depend. Your machines will have different internal or LAN IP address and it will start always with


    You can easily verify it with internal IP trackers:

    From other side your machines will have same external IP address or WAN IP address. You can easily verify it with external IP trackers:

    How it is difficult who have won a bet.:)

    Hope this helps!

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    You have one public IP address on the outside port of your modem/router.

    On the inside, in your private network, all computers must have different IP addresses.


    You can find your private address by using CMD and then ipconfig

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    Hey Jennifer ?

    No it wont have the same IP. But the IP address with look the same. Thats what the default

    gateway is for. The default gateway may look like this 192.168.1.x . The x will be different

    for every device. The x is the client and that will be different. So your ip may be

    and your friends may be

    hope i holped

  • 9 years ago

    nope you win

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