Is Abigail Breslin Irish?

Is Abigail Breslin from Ireland

by the name breslin im sure she is. im just wondering becuase my last name is Breslin too

and the breslin name comes from Donegal ireland. which a majority of my famliy lives and hails from

im wondering if we have a relation in anyway any info would help

the town in donegal

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    1 decade ago
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    .....Dear Connor, I don't know how you could expect the people here who answer questions to know that? If you know Abigail Breslin why not call her up and ask or call some of her relatives and make an inquiry about it to them? :-)

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    Her family background may be Irish but I have read she was born in NY. Her father's name is Michael Breslin so perhaps he is from Donegal.

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    Thought this was a different section - my mistake!!!!

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    She is irish yes, but mostly american.

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