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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetProgramming & Design · 1 decade ago

i'm making social network website.I made user registration,login system.Now I want to make add friends system.?

I want to make a system by which:


"A" is a user of my website. He wants to add his friend "B" in his Friends list.

1- "A" will login first in my website.(I made login system already)

2- "A" will search his friend "B" by search option given in website.(This I want to create)

3- When "A" will find his friend "B", "A" will click on button "Add as Friend".(This I want to create)

4- Then "B" will receive a request that "A" wants to be your friend""Accept or Reject".(This I want to create)

5- If "B" Accepted "A's" request then both("A" and "B") will be the friends of each other and "A" should be added permanently in "B's" friend list and "B" should be added in "A's" friends list.(This I want to create)

These things which I want to create if anyone can guide me.

I tried to find out this tutorial but couldn't find. If anyone can tell me any website where I can find out this complete tutorial, I'll be very thankful.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    check out my site i made.

    login in with

    user name

    and pass


    then go to the url

    there i have a list of my mock friends on the site.

    (try the search feature, u can even make an mock account and see how befriending urself works)

    i use a database to store the friendships and i base my code from this site

    it's php and works well.

    thts my real email address to if u want my source code.

    10 points best answer?

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