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What's the difference between Merriam-Webster's online dictionary?

And the book? I'm thinking about purchasing it. or should I purchase the latest oxford dictionary?

~I'm not quite sure if there's a significant difference between BrE English and AmE English but I'm into learning American English.

By the way, Oxford dictionary offers definitions and phrases that are used in US. Plus, American pronunciation.

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    The difference is that the M-W website doesn't give you definitions for all words, something I find particularly annoying. I've searched a couple of terms before which it wouldn't show me saying that the definition is only available through "Merriam-Webster Unabridged", a resource which you have to pay to access. With the book, although most dictionaries don't have all the words of the English language, you're more likely to find the one you need. More technical terms will require specialized dictionaries. I prefer Oxford dictionaries, but as a native English speaker, it really doesn't matter to me which one I use as long as I find what I'm looking for.

    There are a few differences between British English and American English, but they small enough that knowing one variation will allow you to easily understand the other. The most common differences are the ones of accent(s) and spelling. I find many ESL speakers prefer the American English since it is often easier to understand.

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    Get oxford, its official, its the original and the real deal. Mel Gibson might even make a movie about its origin...but dont let that turn you off. IT'S SCHOLARLY. Merriam-websters for girls anyways.

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    Try searching on Wiki for the answer. They probably have the answer.

    Source(s): Hope this helps! ;).
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