is it illegal to learn to make a bomb and such stuff??reposted 10 pts.?

i'm looking for going into the weapon industry to make things like bullet proof stuff too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to do engineering in that field too!!!!!!!!!! it would be helpful to have some knowledge of things before i go there(just telling my intentions aren't evil ) :O :O . so let's say,if i search how to make a bomb and read an article about it,would i get into jail for that????

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ps.s. i haven't done it and i repeat i haven't read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i just want to know if it's legal.if it isn't,then i'm not going to do it.i don't like to make enemies at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reading about making a bomb is legal, actually making one isn't. If you are foolish enough to try, keep in mind also that a lot of the instructions for that sort of thing found on the Internet are wrong. Sometimes dangerously wrong. If the police link evidence of a bomb to you, what you have read and searched for on the Internet can be also used as evidence against you.

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    You can read about all sorts of things. Having knowlege does not make you a criminal. However, there are many criminals that seek that knowledge for their own devious purposes. I would not be surprised if Homeland security keeps tabs on internet sites and libraries that have books with this information and keep tabs of people that check out these books. Seeking that knowledge may put your name on lists that you may prefer not to be associated with. My suggestion is to join the military or get an engineering degree so you can apply to companies that do that sort of thing. It is much better to get information from qualified individuals and maintain a good background so you can enter these fields.

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    Supposedly you go onto some sort of "watch list" if you look up certain sites, but as far as being illegal to learn how to do it, no the quest for knowledge is not illegal. Now actually making said bombs or bullet proof armor without any type of government OK is a different story.

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    It's not illegal to LEARN about it.

    To MAKE any sort of bomb would be illegal, no matter your intention.

    The only problem is that in trying to learn about that sort of thing, you draw attention to yourself because in today's world, people can't just trust you to not have any evil intent... They're going to ask questions because you'll become suspicious...

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    reading about making bombs isn't

    Making bombs is.

    If you actually want this as a career stop reading murder porn in the net and go do your math homework.

  • Tim
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    10 years ago

    Its just illegal to build them, or possess the materials to build them.

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