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Anonymous asked in TravelSwitzerlandOther - Switzerland · 1 decade ago

Conscription in Switzerland?

My cousin is moving to Switzerland from the US and wants to know if he would be required to follow the conscription laws of Switzerland. He is a 35 year old Male born in US and currently has a sturdy job offer in Zurich, and plans to live there permanently.

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    Switzerland has mandatory military service or all able-bodied male citizens, who are conscripted when they reach the age of majority, though women may volunteer for any position.

    People determined unfit for service, where fitness is defined as "satisfying physically, intellectually and mentally requirements for military service or civil protection service and being capable of accomplishing these services without harming oneself or others", are exempted from service but pay a 3% additional annual income tax until the age of 30, unless they are affected by a disability.

    Almost 20% of all conscripts were found unfit for military or civilian service in 2008; the rate is generally higher in urban cantons such as Zurich and Geneva than in the rural ones. Swiss citizens living abroad are generally exempted from conscription in time of peace, while dual citizenship by itself does not grant such exemption.

    Service in the army or civil protection usually begins at the age of 20, but recruitment may commence as early as 16 for those interested in preparatory courses, which are a precondition for gaining access to some sectors of the armed forces.

    After the first written communications, all the male conscripts (for which attendance is mandatory) and female volunteers are convoked for an information day usually taking place near the municipality of residence of the attendants. During this day they are given a presentation of the army, the civil protection, Switzerland's security policy, an overview of their rights and duties and administrative directives.

    On this occasion conscripts are issued a Service Record book, used to attest the fulfillment of military obligations. As it is not possible to postpone service to continue studies, conscripts are advised to either carry out their service in a single long stretch or to fraction their time by undergoing recruit training first and serving in a later phase.

    Recruitment itself takes place over a period of two or three days in one of the six Recruitment Centres spread across Switzerland (Windisch, Lausanne, Sumiswald, Monte Ceneri, Rüti, Mels). Recruits are assigned different positions according to their physical fitness, intellectual capabilities and aptitude.

    To make a long story short: Yes, your cousin has to follow the conscription laws - in case he has Swiss citizenship. But he should relax at the same time - since he is over 30, he doesn't have to join the biggest Swiss kindergarden. Isn't this good news?

    Source(s): Me ;-.), 100 pc genuine Swiss and the magic of the World Wide Web, in this case
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    35 year old and not swiss citizen, why would they take him? Even the US army probably wouldn't consider him.

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    Doesn't sound like he's a citizen, so no.

    If he is a citizen, they will almost certainly exempt him, but he may have to pay military tax for a couple years, until he gets to the end of his required time. But I'm not sure what age that is, it might be less than 35 now.

    Source(s): my husband is a Swiss citizen who lived abroad from ages 1-29, was exempted but had to pay the tax for several years, doesn't anymore.
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