I need movie suggestions.? :)?

im kinda in the mood to watch movies.. so can you guys list some really romantic movies.. types like the notebook somewhat close to the story line. and also movies that have to do with the WNBA or like pro woman's basketball. thanks.! :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    1. Keith

    2. Remember Me

    3. Dear John

    4. A Walk to Remember

    5. Romeo + Juliet

    6. Charlie St. Cloud

    7. The Last Song

    8. Atonement

    9. Tristan & Isolde

    10. Becoming Jane

    11. A Walk in the Clouds

    12. City of Angels

    13. According to Greta

    14. A Lot Like Love

    15. Love & Distrust

    16. Camille

    17. Say Anything

    18. Love & Debate

    19. Teenage Dirtbag

    20. Titanic

    **Basketball Movies:

    Believe in Me

    Edge of America

    Juwanna Mann

    Love & Basketball

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Wicker Park

    Its not like the notebook but Josh Hartnett is the lead and it is a romance/suspense movie. Sounds weird but its so good and the end will make definitely make you cry.

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