I need to know about lebanon and religion for a project?

i just want to know a bit about lebanon and the dominant religion there. i am writing a short story about it and i don't know what religion to have. also, can people their speak english?? one more thing is was their any bombing in southern lebanon in the 2006 war against israel? the people in my story come from a southern town called bint jbeil (a real place) and i want them to have had their town destroyed in the war. is this realistic? not many websites have reliable information. please help with what you can answer and or give me some sources to use. (preferably not an actual book...) thnx!:))

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    1) Dominant religion is Islam. Composed of Sunnis and Shia Muslims. There are a little more Shia then Sunnis in Lebanon. Christians probably make up 25-30% of the country while Jews are a vast minority

    2) In Lebanon, everybody speaks Arabic and most speak English. Quite a few also speak French since they were colonized by the French after WWII

    3) In the 2006 war, ALL of Lebanon was bombed - this includes Mosques, bridges, roads, hospitals, etc

    4) Yes it is realistic. While all of Lebanon was hit, the South got utterly destroyed from the war

    If you have any questions, just email me

    I followed the 2006 war quite extensively :D

    I actually left 2 days before the war started and arrived there after the war finished.

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    well lebanon has around 60% muslims and 35% christians and i think 5% jews.

    so there are quite alot of muslims as well as christians and the good thing is that most of the people in lebanon get along no matter what religion they are which is a good thing.

    The main language spoken in lebanon is arabic, followed by english and then french.

    The war: the bombing had all started from south lebanon, which was the most part of lebanon destroyed during the war. so yes, souhern lebanon was destroyed in the 2006 war.

    yes it would be realistic making a story about people who were in the war zone, it would sound more realistic.

    Good Luck

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    "can people their speak English?"

    English is almost an entirely universal language.

    "was their any bombing in southern Lebanon in the 2006 war against Israel?"

    Yes, and Israel said it used said bombing as a test

    example before launching Cast Lead on Gaza.

    Israel can't suffer from another encounter like it did in 06' with

    Lebanon, one of it's top military officials have already said.

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