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Is a swirl a fractal?


I have to incorporate a fractal....into my drawing it doesnt have to be big but if a swirl isnt a you guys have any suggestions??tia!

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    yes but this would be a better question for the mathematics section.

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    Not all swirls are fractals, and likewise not all fractals are swirls. I'm not sure I understand your question.

    The particular swirl you linked does not appear to be a fractal, but it is possible that it is. Fractals are simply computer-generated images of mathematical equations that, when placed in a coordinate system and "drawn out," iterate upon themselves and, as a result, continue to generate smaller and smaller images.

    The entire thing can often be quite complex. Generally, to identify an image generated from a fractal, look for a plane of symmetry or repeated images (swirls are common because a swirl is, essentially, what happens when something keeps turning to the left or right over and over again).

    In my opinion, the image you linked has too much "texture" and asymmetry to be readily identified as a fractal, although I could be wrong. You might have more success by posting this question under "mathematics".

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