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What is a fast growing, cheap ground cover for zone 5?

must cover at least 10ft2 quickly

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    cindee, cheap growing ground cover, is canby paxistima, for 12 inches...

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    Check the link. Your area gets colder than mine, so my favorites won't work for you. To help them fill in faster buy a couple flats and or break up the 4" pots and space them out the best you can to fill that 10 sq ft area. Never let new plants dry out, and make sure you mix plenty of compost in the soil before you plant in order to make the best growing conditions for the plant. Also be aware if the planted area holds water, or if on a slope, tends to shed a lot of water.

  • 3 years ago

    it may count on your region, the soil form, soil nutrient plan, any amendments that should must be extra (low pH, extreme salinity, etc). in this area of the international, what you asked could probable be dealt with by making use of the two annual ryegrass interior the fall, or bermudagrass interior the spring. different recommendations rather exist, yet those are the two maximum many times erosion administration brokers used. My suggestion to you is to touch your community county extension agent, describe what you recognize with reference to the region and your needed targets, then pay attention to his/her suggestion. If the agent does not understand, then ask for the e-mail handle of the state extension forage agronomist. This man or woman would have the skill to furnish you sound suggestion.

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    difficult problem. seek on google and yahoo. just that can help!

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