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Microsoft Office Trial says not responding?

I just downloaded the microsoft office 2010 free trial and I'm trying to use Word but every few minutes it will come up not responding. It is a brand new laptop and I need this program tonight

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    10 years ago
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    The Microsoft Support home page is your support portal for Microsoft products. ... Windows XP Service Pack 3 · DirectX · Office Compatibility Pack for Word ...

    support.microsoft.com/ - Cached - Similar

    Source(s): Call support at microsoft now before it is all messed up. Usually they will have you uninstall it and wait a few minutes and then reinstall but if you downloaded theis instead of using a cd you may have to pay again unless they help you.
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    Try to uninstall it completely (I wish you luck...!) Then go to www.openoffice.org and get a excellent and totally free office suit!

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