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Does any one else get the feeling that will die in Korea with Kim Jong-il?

According to a Korean friend of mine he says there is less willing cooperation with Kim Jong-il and from what he is picking up from his family still in North Korean is that there is a very strong underground movement to reunite the country. The only thing that stands in the way is Kim Jong-il and his loyal followers who control the army. But even they are ready to split in two.

His concern is if Kim Jong-il dies, can the country reunite with out a blood bath. His only contact he has with his family is through another friend in South Korea. He lives in the US now but tells me he would love to see his home again but can't go back while under communist control.

Is he just wishing for the impossible? After all 22 years ago who would have thought Germany would become reunited without blood shed. He is so upbeat and positive that this is near, he has convinced me it is going to happen. but when?

In the case of the reunification of Germany, the US played a big part in making it happen. Do you think the US can mediate a feat of this magnitude again?

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  • Makkie
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    Yeah, for some reason I can see that happen. I think Kim Jong-il is the only one keeping his own dream alive. I believe once he dies, there will be some major changes.

    One of the reason I thought this to be a strong possibility is because the Son he originally chose to be his successor did sneak out of the Country to go to Disneyland. He got a good taste of what was outside of the realm over in North Korea. His Father found out only to punish him by taking him off the list of next in line to his throne.

    Now from what I have read, Kim Jong-il's youngest Son is now heir to this tyrannical monarchy. I have a feeling the youngest, will be even more eager to change, after all he is still very young and is still open to new things. I think his youngest is smart enough to keep his mouth shut after what he saw happened to his brother.

    I still think there may be a North and South Korea, but I believe it is not going to be the draconian, Stalin type we see now.

    I hope it happens with no bloodshed, and I agree that there are some politicians or former politicians who can help mediate it.

    Thanks, great question, I really hope this happens easily for all involved.

    My family had extended family stuck behind the Berlin Wall.

    They came to visit family here after the Berlin Wall came down.

    It was good to see families reunited with those they had not seen in years, as well as those who finally met relatives for the first time, ie younger generation of cousins.

    Best Wishes, Oh and I wish your friend my Best!


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  • Tom
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    That would be a very good thing for the people of North Korea but unfortunately I do not see that happening anytime soon. Yes the US had a lot to do with the reunification of Germany but also the downfall of the Soviet Union had a part to play in that as well. With our current President I do not think that we can mediate peace between any 2 countries.

  • magna
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    4 years ago

    NK is lower than dynastic rule. Kim J I has a pair o sons with information from 2 different halves. it really is in simple terms one huge chuffed relatives over there with their 'juche' (self reliance ideology sill being compelled down the throats of the people). yet neither son has been groomed to take over the reins of cult capacity status from Dad. That leaves the defense force whose correct brass administration all contracts for each thing. My wager is a few iron fist evil sob well-known will take over and attempt to proceed the entire lie that is existence in NK

  • Anonymous
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    I hope North Korea can become a democratic country and reunite with the South. I don't know what his son's policies are, but hopefully after dad dies, the son can do something good. We'll see.

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