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My bathroom has grey & pink tiles with grey tub, sink & toilet. What color for the walls or accents?

What color for the walls and how do I accent. I am not good at decorating.

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    Go with the gray. Gray is very in, & Sherwin Williams has some beautiful ones to choose from. Anthropologie has some beautiful pink towels & accessories.

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    A nice soft shade of white or soft beige for walls. Look at Benjamin Moore's color chart or any other color charts and bring home swatches. Try to keep the tone soft. I would use polished silver/pewter for lighting and accessories ( frames for prints, towel bars/rings). You can go lighter/conservative and buy white/ beige/light or a darker shade of gray for towels/rugs. Also remember to add art work to the walls. And think about having towels monogramed. I love the look and it just adds that extra bit of detail. Hope this helps. Good luck and have fun!

    ps. If you like the art deco period you could use black as color for towels/rugs and use the silvers for your accessories and use deco art prints for walls.

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  • For accents try a bright turquoise, or a bright yellow. You can use lighter or darker shades of the grey tiles for walls maybe?

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    I would create a color palette of:

    Rosy tones: deep rose, mauves and off white for walls. Green plants will add another level of accent color and for finishes, go with brushed nickel or chrome.

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    white walls

    black accent pieces

    silver decorations

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    i would paint it a lighter shade of gray than the tube, so it corresponds with the rest of the room

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    Use pink or white

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