What fruit trees grow best in San Diego, California?

I want to plant a mini orchard in my back yard. I have room for 5 or so trees to add. I already have a fig and peach tree. I am in El Cajon. I am also interested in berry bushes


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    Good afternoon Rod Knocker,

    I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day. I sure miss San Diego. We would stay at Hotel Circle before heading deep into Mexico in the good old days. Boy, have times changed.

    I like the way Scott told you he is jealous of your location for growing fruit trees. Although Avocado trees do grow very good in your area, I would not touch an Avocado Tree. They will not let any grass or other plants grow under them….only dirt. Their roots are too close to the surface. Many varieties also need male and female tree. Also, I would not grow a date (palm) tree. They attract too many rats and mice for the purpose of eating and nesting.

    An Apricot Tree is a great tree to grow, because you can dry, can, and make jam. Make sure you get the best. A Royal Blenheim Apricot is the best variety.


    I have a three (3) way plum tree. It is a combination of Shiro, Satsuma, and Santa Rosa plum. The tree is about eight years old. It is during great. You will be able to eat plums starting in the spring through the fall, because each variety does not turn ripe at the same time. I highly recommend.

    You should also look into planting a Satsuma Mandarin Orange Tree. Check out the prices (in cans) in your local grocery store. The tree will grow very good in your area. The fruits have very little to no seeds. The oranges are delicious. You will have oranges from Oct thru Feb. The Satsuma will grow very good in your area. Again, I highly recommend.


    You should also consider planting a Guava Tree in your area. I have tasted the pineapple, lemon, and apple. It is up to you. There are over a hundred different varieties. What type of fruit do you like? They all taste great.

    My Strawberry Guava Tree is over twenty years old. It bears two, three and some years all year. It depends on the weather. I always tell people a strawberry guava taste sweeter than a real strawberry. Most of them agree. If you have children, young nephews, or nieces, they will love visiting and eating the fruits of this tree. I eat ten (10) a day. Guavas are called the “superfruit”. Guavas contain four (4) times more vitamin C and more nutrients (potassium and magnesium) than an orange. That is why I planted my guava tree. Again, I very highly recommend.



    I have nine (9) fruit trees and a 20x20 ft vegetable garden. I always research every tree before I plant it. The trees I have recommended will do very good in your area. I only have room for one more tree. Right now I am researching and thinking about planting a Peanut Butter Tree.


    Rod Knocker, as you will note by now, I love to plant trees that you cannot buy (rare) in your local grocery store. I have done all the research on the above trees. The trees I have recommended will do very good in your area. You can also study and do your other research on other trees. If you are interested, I have included my favorite website in order for you to start your own research. Have fun (smile).


    It always feels good to help a fellow Californian. You and your family have a great New Year. Peace, from Los Angeles.

    Source(s): I am an organic gardener. I started gardening in the hills of Kentcuky at the age of three (3).....with my uncle's help (smile).
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    Fruit Trees Southern California

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    Here is a podcast with info about attaining a year round harvest in San Diego. Even in El Cajon, there isn't enough heat to grow date palms. If you are in a valley, you get 3-500 chill hours, if on a higher spot, 2-300. Avocado trees are not male and female, they are Type A and B. You don't need to get both, because someone else in your neighborhood already has a few to help with pollinations. The California Rare Fruit Growers meet in Balboa Park the 4th Wednesday of each month, they are a volunteer group, around since the 1960's. Lots of great information from their members.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What fruit trees grow best in San Diego, California?

    I want to plant a mini orchard in my back yard. I have room for 5 or so trees to add. I already have a fig and peach tree. I am in El Cajon. I am also interested in berry bushes


    Source(s): fruit trees grow san diego california: https://biturl.im/kOopT
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    For your area, pomegranates, apricots, or dates (palms) would be best. Most other fruit trees other than what you already mentioned will do well there. If you're willing to try nuts, you can probably get away with pistachios or almonds. Passionfruit is possible, too, but that's a vine, not a tree.

    Berries - probably only goose berries or certain varieties of black berries. Strawberries probably will grow, but they have such attitude. I don't like growing them. Also, they don't have a bushy growing habit, so they probably aren't what you're looking for.

  • Scott
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    You are in one of the garden zones that make me jealous. Simply pick your favorites, I can't think of a common fruit that will not grow there! Citrus, palms, peaches, Some trees you might have to shade a little (some apples) but there is nothing that will not grow there.

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    fruits grow on trees, shrubbery and mostly above surface and vegies grow in the land (mostly) and are root plants ie peas, potatoes, raddishes etc are root base

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