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Does Marinol, THC, Work?

Okay, I live in Michigan where medical marijuana is a big deal right now, and I am really confused why people don't just use the pill form of THC, Marinol, instead of the natural cannabis. Isn't Marinol safer and should still make the pain go away? I know there are some exceptions for seizures that Marinol can't subside, but I am starting to think people are just getting medical marijuana for the marijuana, not the medical. I mean, if Marinol does work, why not get stricter on who can use the natural marijuana and give others that need it the Marinol? I think it would be smarter, even though I already know how readily available marijuana normally is... but, I just think this would be a smarter idea because they stopped medical marijuana here and a lot of people are complaining. Just wondering your thoughts and how well Marinol has worked either through experimentation or maybe experience. Thanks.

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    Not really.

    Lots of problems with marinol.

    !. How much it costs. It costs about 1500$ per month for what is roughly equal to about 50$ of real marijuana - they synthesized, patented it, and then turned the highest profit margin out of all the drug dealers.

    2. If they can synthesze thc and patent it and turn a profit, why do they scream about how dangerous marijuana is?

    3. Why do you assume marinol is safer? The only thing that makes it safer is that its a regulated dose. Since marijuana is harder to fatally over dose on water, and the high from oral thc is more subtle, that has no real clinical significance. You cant even use the smoking bit, because no doc is recommending smoking, they recommend cooking and vaporizing.

    The ONLY people marinol would be safer for are those who are severely immuno compromised. Real marijuana is raw vegetation, and contains bacteria and fungi from the growing process, as well as fertalizers. All vegetation does. Normally we wash fruit/veggies, and healthy people never notice. But, it seeps through the skin into thr fruit and cannot be all washed off. For someone with no immune system, that would cause massive fatal infections within their body.

    This would be safer for someone immuno compromised because whats inside the pill wont have those germs from the natural growing process. However, these patients can also use real marijuana by having someone else handle and prepare raw marijuana for cooking.

    4. They claim marinol has been reformulated to not produce a high. Also not true. It DOES produce a high. It left me numbed out and emotionless.

    5. Why not give everyone marinol? A, no one can afford it. B, I am NOT giving money to those companies who have put out refer madness studies just so they can profit off patented thc. BS. C. Marinol is thc only, not the other cannabanoids, so it literally is not as effective.

    6. You think its all about the high do you? You have clearly never had marijuana as well as vicodin, oxy, morphine, ativan, xanax, compazine, phenegran, etc. They will ALLLLLLLLLL f*ck you FAR more than marijuana, ESPECIALLY when they are pushed quite fast into a central line. I could have been an iv drug user without having to actually thread an iv into my veins or sharing needles. The docs gave me all of that stuff I wanted. Its one hell of a rush, the morphine specifically. Guess what? I chose to use mairjuana instead of those meds. I PROMISE you it had nothing to do with wanting to get high. If thats all it was, I would have stuck with iv morphine.

    These people dont care how high you get. I think thats pretty damn obvious. Marijauna is criminal, but I can buy enough nyquil and coriciden cough and cold to go robo trip. Marijuana is criminal, but alcohol is a legal protected industry that kills thousands if not millions per year. Marijuana has no medical uses (according to the dea) because it gives a high, but morphine will make you higher than the moon.

    They care about their profits. Thats it, And THAT is why marijuana is illegal.

    If there is something else going on, its not the desire to have a legal high. Its the desire to stop our gov from lying to us in this fashion just because a few industries are afraid of market competition. If they cant compete, they have no business rigging the free market in order to ensure their survival.

    7. Screw marinol and their patents. If pharmaceutical companies want in on this, they should be growing med marijuana. But with all the refer madness studies they put out, they cant admit they lied about it all. What happens when they come out and say, yeah, we put these studies out along with the dea and ama and fda basically so that we didnt have to face market competition from marijuana and hemp, but now you all know that we lied, so here it is.

    8. You realize that opium is also safer than morphine and oxy, that heroine is safer than morphine, that the pure plant in almost every single situation is FAR safer than the synthetic and pantented drugs the pharmacetuicals make a HUGE profit on. I wonder how hard it is to turn that kind of profit margin on a plant.

    Source(s): ..... aml (type of leukemia) survivor x2 bone marrow transplant survivor Have had all of the drugs and meds i mentioned, orally and iv. I have smoked mj, have NOT smoked the other drugs/meds I mentioned marijuana produces the LEAST high out of all
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    Does Marinol, THC, Work?

    Okay, I live in Michigan where medical marijuana is a big deal right now, and I am really confused why people don't just use the pill form of THC, Marinol, instead of the natural cannabis. Isn't Marinol safer and should still make the pain go away? I know there are some exceptions for...

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    marinol is actually not safer its a synthetic version and its impossible for the scientists to emulate the spins of the electrons in the THC of natural marijuana and other things like that. the only reason marijuana isn't legal is because of how much money the government and thousands of other company's would loose. You should watch the union honestly it will enlighten you. Also the fact that they created marinol should be evidence enough that for these company's its not about healing people its about making money which they could not do with natural cannabis because it is unpatentable which means no money for these companys; the far insuperior marinol that was created in a lab is able to have a patent put on it so that is the version that is endorsed by these companys and the gov't.

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    Does Marinol Get You High

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    There are a lot more active compunds in marijuana than just THC which is all marional is

    The natural form is always safer than a syntheic form always

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    Due to the SPAM MERCHANTS ON HERE I am unable to answer your question calmly....!

    Yes - if it's safer to use then it should be used.

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