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例如呢句:It should look really good when it comes out though, so I gotta push through!

又要加when it,又要加s等等 唔係好明?唔該

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    A simple composition of a sentence usually contain the following 3 components in general condition: Subject, Verb, Object

    Remark: verb can be classified as transitive and intransitive. For transitive verb, neglecting the subject is singular or plural, it MUST follow with an object; in contrast, for intransitive verb, ignoring the subject belongs to singular or plural form, it is not necessary to follow with an object. However, for students who is primary 3 or above, they should be capable to write a sentence at least containing a subject, verb and an object.Example 1: He (subject) plays (verb) football (object).Example 2: She (subject) goes (verb) to Disneyland (object).Example 3: They (subject) have (verb) picnic (object) in Country Park (description).Example 4: We (subject) enjoy (verb) this comedy (object). For any verb which follows a singular noun (e.g. he, she, it), then the last word of that verb MUST add an “s” along it when it is in simple present tense situation. For example: John needs to finish his dinner within half an hour. “John” is a singular form of noun, therefore following “john”, the verb “need” must add an “s” on it.But, if any verb which follows a plural noun (e.g. they, we, you etc), then the verb follows these plural verb must be kept constant, that means these verb must not follow with an “s” when it is in simple present tense situation. Example: “Kelvin and Joanna always complete their homework before Sunday.” If there are 2 singular subjects who are linked by a conjunction, then the verb comes along must be remain unchanged as they are plural as well.For the subject of “I”, this is a special case, any verb after “I” must also remain the same when it is in simple present tense situation.

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