I'm at a really tough decision in my book right now. SUGGESTIONS NEEDED!!!?

I know its long But I could ask you guys help without telling the basic first. I was inspired to write this from reading the Halo book on Spartans.

Okay so the basic first, Two kids(age 10) wake up in a dark room without any memory of anything. Not even to speak. When a man walks in and speaks they suddenly remember how to speak. The man clams to be called "Father" and he later trains them along side a man name Staff Sergeant Meso. They train them to fight and kill and in two years later(now they are 12) they attend to a meeting with the president of Relanca, Father and Meso. There they discuss that war has broken out with a powerful country called Naturia and they want the two kids Alpha(the girl) and Bravo(the boy) to assassin key military leaders.

They do... not knowing anything but to kill these kids aren't bothered with the killings, they assassinate a Commandant, secretary of defense, A scientist and now they have to get into the Presidential Marbel House(Similar to the white house).

Before that happens Bravo gives Alpha a teddy bear with a string for a bracelet that he found in a breakfast box. Alpha also meets with a group of girls and becomes friends. Since then she has been acting up lately. She's not telling Bravo something.

They get in through blending in with a school field, but get caught. They use the excuse saying they lost their parents somewhere in here. A security takes them to the security room to locate their parents and there Bravo has visual of the security cameras and they locate the Vice pres and the first lady. Bravo kills the men inside and by surprise Alpha was on the ground crying. Trying to figure it out Alpha tells him that it wasn't Fathers only order to kill their targets but to die in the process as well. Also the fact they they both realize that they had no purpose in life from the start and Alpha feels guilty about killing people with a life after she meet those girls. Bravo felt bad and almost on the merge of suicide but doesn't. he helps Alpha pulling it through saying that they wont die and they wil make their own future and promises to protect her. Now they go kill the two targets and escape barely. They make their way into a unfamiliar part of town and go into an alley.

Both tired the face each on the ground as Alpha reaches out and grabs onto Bravo fingertips weakly. He watch as the teddy bear dangles between them and then suddenly blood drips from Alphas side.....

Part A) Alpha Dies and Bravo is changed forever and then goes onto part two of the story where he gets pick up by SStg. Meso and goes back to Father.

Part B) Alpha's arm is shot and is bleeding out so Bravo makes an disparate attempt to find help where SSgt. Meso shows up and takes them back saving Alpha.

Depend on what happens The president comes over with spiecal troops and kills Father and the rest of the kids like Charlie Delta..etc(It was the reason for wanting Alpha and Bravo Dead so he can focus on the new one. Now they president has them/him all to his self to do his own work in assassination in a country called Kalistain. to be continue on Part 2.

Sorry it was so long but I hope you enjoy it and help me out here, Thanks in advance.


I noticed my spelling errors after I posted it. As long as u no wat Im sayng, I'm fine.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I hope you invest in a spell-check program.

    Anyways, if you are trying to be very serious than having one of the children die in the book can bring out themes of how cruel and ugly war really is.

    If you have the one kid somehow save the other, yeah it is doable but for me personally, I find these trends of typical heroic acts of saving someone in serious books every time to be annoying.

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  • 9 years ago

    a bar owner steps out and sees the two bravo threatens him but the bar owner dismisses it and picks up alpha and takes her inside bravo follows. the bar owner treats alphas wounds and feeds the two children. in the morning he questions the children but learns little. so he pieces together their story then ask a simple question do you want a reason to exist?

    you take it from there.

    its not what you asked for but its an idea.

    Source(s): my mind and i hate punctuation
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  • 9 years ago

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