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poll what is your favorite role acted in a movie by a actor or actress?

who acted the role and why did you like it

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    Wow! This is tough. Im really not sure on this one. I think, one of my favorite roles would have to be Jason bourne cuz those movies are awesome. I liked Hugh jackman as wolverine, because when i heard who was goin to play that role, i am such a comic fan, that i thought nah, this isnt gonna work. Same with toby mcguire as spiderman, but both were excellent choices. Patrick stewart as Charles xavier and Ian Mckelland as magneto were choices that were shoe-ins and i couldnt have picked better actors for those jobs. Brad pitt and angelina are the only 2 i could imagine for mr. and mrs. smith. Susan surrandon in stepmom was absolutely Phenomenal. Paul Newman in cool hand luke was a great role. Anthony Hopkins as hannibal lectar is second to none. Robert DeNiro in the meet the parents movies and basically anything hes in, is good. Casino on right now. LOL! I Also liked Will Smith in I robot as well as Gene Hackman in Hoosiers, and that leads to Dennis Hopper who passed away this last yr. I guess it all really depends on the type of movies you are talkin about. Julia roberts was fantastic in pretty woman and erin brockovich. John Travolta i liked in the face off, and that leads to Nick Cage. See how you make me go on these random lists???

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    Robert DeNiro - The Godfather, Part II and Taxi Driver

    Al Pacino - Dog Day Afternoon and The Godfather, Part I

    Denzel Washington - Malcom X and American Gangster

    Mel Gibson - Braveheart

    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky

    Leonardo DiCaprio - The Departed

    There's so many I could keep going... I just think they played the parts awesome. I loved the movies and the characters were interesting.

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    Daniel Day Lewis - There Will Be Blood

    Tim Curry - Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Jim Carey - The Truman Show

    Natalie Portman - Black Swan (almost anything she does)

    Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Julie Andrews - Mary Poppins

    those are my top 3 guys and girls off the top of my head

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    Debby,my fave movie is Highlander, and the guy Conner McClowed, from the clan McClowed,i have even been to the Castle, were it was filmed,in Scotland,Eleandoner Castle, magic, and Queen did the sound track,and the star is Christopher Lambert,who is French,as Freddie would say A KID OF MAGIC,and it is.

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  • Noomi Rapace- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo/The Girl Who Played With Fire/The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest

    If you have seen any of these movies you know why

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    Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon in DaVinci Code. I was able to read the book prior to watching the movie adaptations, i knew then that Tom Hanks would be the best actor to play the part of Langdon in the big screen version.

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    In the Movie Fix Shawn Andrews plays leo who is a complete drug addict, Andrews never used drugs but yet the story he told would make you think that he went through the suffering and sorrow and he performance was just amazing

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    Heath Ledger as The Joker in the Dark Knight. He was amazing and had a HUGE role and shoes to fill and delivered one hell of a performance.

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    Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean (a.k.a. Johnny Depp). He was perfect for the role and I liked how he was all like I don't know.. like slightly weird and.. wobbly? I don't know but I loved him in it!! :)

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    Fat Jesus in the hangover , he put a sparkle in that movie and even when he didnt say a thing he made me laugh

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