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So what drives me crazy is how in this modern age with computers, and vast quantities of knowledge at your fingertips, people can be so close minded and plain stupid about so many things, such as weed. People say, " oh well there is possibility of lung cancer, addiction, memory loss, and its a gateway drug." You cant even say its a drug, its a god damn plant. The **** your government sell to you in pharmacy's are drugs. You can OD on pharmaceutical drugs, but have you EVER heard of anyone over dosing on Marijuana? No? Look it up. Still no? Its because nobody ever has. If you have bothered to go to this point to try to prove me wrong, then research addiction. You CAN NOT be addicted to weed. You can really like it, just like you like pizza, pop, and big macs. The funny thing is, is that those things are also non-addictive( to my knowledge, but i haven done extensive research on big macs and coke so i apologize if i'm wrong), but are worse for you then marijuana. Marijuana facts, if you correctly research, has been proven to be misleading by the FDA and untrue. HOW SICK IS THAT? Your section of government required to guide you in the most scientific and fact based knowledge available and they mislead you for what? Its just stupid. There are NO health risks what so ever from Marijuana, and it has even been proven it can cure some diseases,but thats a whole another topic. The only bad side effect i have seen is possible Bronchitis if smoked in large amounts, ALL THE TIME. Now, lets get this straight, the Bronchitis has nothing to do with Marijuana. Any form of smoke can eventually lead to Bronchitis. You sit in front of a camp fire a few nights a week for your whole life then ya you might get Bronchitis. But you don't get it from weed. You digest weed in food, inhale it via vapor form, and you will not get Bronchitis. This proves there is nothing wrong with weed what so ever. Now apparently there have been studies that SAT scores rise with students that smoke weed. Now i am not going to go into that because as far as i'm concerned that research hasn't developed enough. But my point is that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH SMOKING WEED, even once or twice a week. If digested or in vapor form theoretically you could consume Marijuana as much as humanly possible with NO health risk.Weed makes you hungry, happy, and sleepy. Now if your with your buddies what is wrong with that? Its better for you then drinking. So seeing as this is yahoo answers and i'm supposed to be asking a question; is there anyone who would like to contradict my statement about weed and prove me wrong? please try. ( and btw using concerned mother forums, and FDA related sites is kind of stupid seeing as they are misleading)


@Gracinda i laugh when i see what you have said for many reasons. For one you think im a biased stoner who wants to earn his right to bake. lol. i havent smoked in over two months. i am hardly a biased stoner. secondly the site you have provided is a NEWS website. NEWS. the funny thing about all the points you listed, say "that there has been study" or "there has been some research". none of the points you listed point out exclusive cold hard proven facts. all they say is that there are scientists who believe in certain health risks of Marijuana and are taking time to research. It doesnt say in any of them that they have come up with any evidence what so ever. NONE. does that mean that just because some scientists have begun an experiment and a hypothesis that they are right? No, they are in the progress of trying to prove their hypothesis right, and none of them have yet. how is the world supposed to advance and learn with people as blind as you. You see one side of things and then th

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also gracinda, when i asked for proof i didnt ask for you to go to a medical blog and copy and paste. get some cold hard facts that have been proven. then find me some people who have experienced these medical side effects, and then explain exactly what process in the body triggers that issue. you are being very unwise.

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    1) Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug while its abuse and dependence has an increasing prevalence among the young population. Marijuana smoking affects the circulatory system triggering various cardiovascular events. Of note, recent case reports indicate a possible association with atrial fibrillation (AF). In this article, we provide a brief systematic review of all reported cases implicating marijuana smoking in AF development and we concisely discuss the potential underlying mechanisms as well as the clinical implications of this emerging association.

    Atrial fibrillation and Marijuana Smoking

    P. Korantzopoulos; T. Liu; D. Papaioannides; G. Li; J. A. Goudevenos

    Posted: 03/26/2008; Int J Clin Pract. 2008;62(2):308-313.

    2) Cannabis use significantly increases the risk for incident psychotic symptoms in individuals with no prior history of psychotic experiences. In persons with evidence of psychosis, cannabis use aids in the persistence of these symptoms, according to researchers from the University of Maastricht in The Netherlands, who have done much of the existing work in the area of cannabis and psychosis.

    Medscape Medical News

    Cannabis Use Increases Psychosis Risk and Persistence of Subclinical Psychosis

    Caroline Helwick

    3) Researchers report in the July issue of the Journal of Immunology that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major psychoactive component of marijuana, can promote tumor growth by impairing the body's antitumor immunity system. While previous research has shown that THC can lower resistance to both bacterial and viral infections, this is the first time that its possible tumor-promoting activity has been reported.

    Medscape Medical News

    Marijuana Ingredient Promotes Tumor Growth, Impairs AntiTumor Defenses

    4)Smoking pot can damage the gums, even in young people.

    A new study shows the risk of having significant periodontal disease among 32-year-old heavy cannabis users is about 3 times that of young people who do not use the drug, New Zealand researchers report. The study collected data on these subjects at ages 18, 21, 26, and 32 years, with the most recent data being collected in June 2005, when they were 32 years old.

    Medscape Medical News

    Cannabis Use May Cause Gum Disease

    Source(s): eh, I'd go on, but I'm sure you're too stoned to even read what I've gotten so far. And yes, there are actual research studies that show that people can be addicted to weed. Everything I got can be seen on Medscape, a free & independent medical journal site. When you come up for air, learn something.
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