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HAIR?!?!?!?!? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Okay so I'm 13 years old and for the past few months I've been having really BAD fly-aways!!.... Their mainly by my hair "part" in the very front of my head so their VERY noticeable! It's kind of like I'm growing new hair! What do i do? I've already tried hairspray.... Is there anything else u can do about it??? Shampoos or conditioners??

Please help!!!


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    This is not for that exactly, but it works great for that. I am an intern at an Aveda salon, and this is a top seller.

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    i use aveda control paste. it works really well and lasts a long time. you just rub a little bit before your fingers than smooth down your hair.

  • try defrizz hairspray or defrizz shampoo and conditioner

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