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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

How to move to London/New York?

Im 16 living in portugal, and im thinking on moving to other country once i finish college( im still in high school btw). Im studyng arts, all lets face it, portugal is not a good place to artists, we get no recognition. I still dont know what i exactly want to do with my future, i love design, phtography but most of all music. I love all arts. I looking for a job to start saving up, i think its the best i can do. Im a pretty ambicious person, i wanna go to a bigger city. My dream would be new york, but it is hard because of immigration laws to get a visa, i dont know how i could do it. And i heard its quite expencive. So i was thinking about london, i think its a wonderfull city. The environment isnt as appeling as portugal ( im so used to the sunny days) but i think that i could get a better job there.But can i simply move from portugal to london? And also what the best city to make a career in music/arts?

I know youre probably thinking this is just teen talk, but im serious, i want to start building my future now, i dont wanna stay in my country ( i love portugal but, i want more), Please tell me what should i know before i choose to leave, how can i organise my life?

Also , new york or london?

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    "Starving artist" is a cliche everywhere. Very, very few make it in any of the arts. The vast majority of aspiring actors never get a role, and the vast majority of actors who get a speaking part at some point never become a star. Change "actor" to singer, songwriter, novelist, artist, etc - you get the picture. Yet creativity is as crucial to living as breathing is. Pursue your dreams and ambitions! Dreams, however, don't always come true in the way you imagined.

    Back on Planet Earth, London is about as expensive as NYC. However, as an EU citizen (if EU survives all this financial upheaval), you do have ways of moving to London. You have almost no way of moving to NYC. Your one chance (it seems you have no immediate blood relative who is a US citizen and who earns enough to sponsor you) is to become internationally renowned artiste in your field and have your recording company or publisher or Broadway producer or similar employer get you a special employment visa for artists of international renown. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) got a role on Broadway as a result of his fame from his performance in the movies - his producer got him a visa once they inked the contract. He can stay until his contract expires or play closes.

    Can you become the next Elton John, Daniel Radcliffe, JK Rowling, etc? Well, you'll just have to work at it and see how good you are and how far you can go with it. Stick NYC/London in the back corner of your mind for now. What if your opportunity was in Paris? Would you be so focused on NYC/Lnd that you'd miss Paris? Better not! Focus on doing what you love, becoming the best you can be at it, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, no matter how big or little, no matter where.

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