What are the closes suburban cities outside of Boston?

I want to be closer to my boyfriend but I refuse to live in Boston. I'm from Chicago and Boston reminds me of it. NOT that I don't love the city where I'm from because I do. But I want to distance myself from the city life.


Thank you for the answers. But I didn't mean Boston literally reminded me of Chicago. But that the city environment reminds me of Chicago. I'm done with the loud cities, that's why I'm aiming for something suburban =)

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    The closest suburbs flow right into Boston. Some neighborhoods of Boston are positively suburban. Cambridge (across the river) is still lively but doesn't have many tall buildings. Brookline is so close to Boston that you can't tell where one starts and the other ends without searching out the town line signs.

    I've been to Chicago many times and very little of Boston reminds me of Chicago. Try the following neighborhoods in the city: Fenway, South End, Hyde Park, Roslindale, WEST Roxbury. For towns outside Boston, try Brookline (almost surrounded by Boston), Cambridge (Harvard Square and North Cambridge), Watertown, Waltham, Belmont, Arlington, Somerville (Davis Square area), Needham, Newton. Farther out but affordable and still on the T: Malden, Quincy.

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    Like Penny Lee there is very little about Boston that reminds me of Chicago. As other Answerers have noted there are parts of Boston (West Roxbury and Hyde Park) that are very suburban. Also, you ask about suburban "cities" but most of Boston's suburbs are towns. You should say how rural you want: do you wish a place like Niles or Skokie, or do you want something like Fox Lake or Elburn?

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    Those are nice places to live, but they're also expensive. Try Brookline, Newton, Braintree, Medford, Sommerville, Arlington, Cambridge or Revere. Allston/Brighton is technically part of Boston, but a little less urban.

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    east boston is nice it's got a lot of three family colonels i lived in the Wu for a little bit(woburn Ma) it's but 15min outside boston

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