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What ever happened to GAP insurance?

I just bought a new car, and soon found out that Allstate no longer has gap insurance. So if I total my car the money which I receive may be less than the lease agreement, in which case I would have to pay the difference. With GAP insurance which I had until now, as long as the car is new it all gets paid out no problem.

I was told California is one state in which they do not offer it any longer what the heck? I have a feeling its due to all these low lives who cant afford their new cars and go on and commit insurance fraud.

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    Well, shop around! Many insurance companies still DO offer GAP coverage as an endorsement on a personal auto policy. MOST of the time, you have to buy it within 30 days of getting the car, and the car has to be no older than 18 months at the time you buy it.

    I can't find ANYTHING to suggest that the STATE of California no longer allows GAP coverage to be sold - but there's nothing stopping ALLSTATE from not selling it any more.

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    Check your lease agreement. Some leases include GAP coverage.

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    Do you recommend you have already got hollow coverage, your automobile became totaled and now they are denying coverage? if so, you need to ask them why. (get it in writing) or...... Are you attempting to purchase hollow coverage and that they are refusing to settle for you? if so, you need to understand that maximum businesses set particular parameters you need to to fulfill in the previous they'll disguise you. lower back....you need to ask them why they are refusing

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