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POLL: Do you ever wonder why Sarah Palin still gets all this media attention?

I go on BBC, CNN, Fox, everywhere, and she's all on the top headlines.. today!

What great big thing has she done to merit being a news headliner in 2011?

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    1. Youngest peoples's representative.

    2. She keeps saying idiotic things to be in the limelight.

    3. A female.

    4. Americans like brainless women.

    5. The media is fed up of Obama and Hillary. They need 'stories'.

    6. People are not reading anymore about overpaid bankers.

    7. People are not interested about China, Israel, Iran or N. Korea right now.

    8. May be a conspiracy between her and the Liberals to be in the headlines.

    9. She sometimes poses for the camera in her bikini too(that too with a gun in hand).

    10. The destructive American media wants her as the next president; so that she can spoil the country's name by sleeping with foreign heads of states.

  • 4 years ago

    Sarah Pailin gets the media's interest through fact she terrifies the media; she is a savvy, undemanding politician (now it truly is a dichotomy) that somewhat cares regarding the conservative values that have made this u . s . a . great for over 230 years. She is a techniques from a failure; Her approval score as Governer for Alaska grew to become into at eighty two%. That approval score dropped to sixty two% whilst it grew to become into introduced that she grew to become into McCain's working mate. Our present day president might desire to have those numbers, incredibly whilst his numbers are tanking. universal, Rasmussen comments exhibits a fifty six%-40 3% approval, with a 0.33 strongly disapproving of the president's overall performance. this may be a substantial degree of polarization so early interior the administration. Mr. Obama has lost basically approximately all of his Republican help and a powerful area of his self reliant help, and the craze is decidedly damaging. My suggestion is to analyze the information superhighway and sift contained in direction of the mire to get to the reality. these days, maximum individuals place self assurance in our media to get their suggestion. The speaking heads on CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN are spewing out their own liberal time table; lots for honest and balanced coverage. How fortunate for governments that the people they administer do no longer think of. -Adolf Hitler

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    She is still good looking and while her supporters are nuts to believe she can be President there is no doubt she is not dumb.She has turned her 15 miniutes of fame into a 3 hour special and made millions doing so.

    She is doing nothing but knocking people currently in office.It is easy to do.

    Comeing up with real answers would be a problem with her.

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    1 decade ago

    It does not surprise me. The redneck conservative media has her at messiah levels of popularity among the trailer trash that votes that way. This election in november proved that some people should not have a voice. How people like Marco rubio and rand paul can achieve major political office is beyond me. America is doomed.

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    Because the media believes that Americans only care about celebrities that are borderline train-wrecks. Why is Paris Hilton, Kim/Khloe Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and the such, plastered all over our news, magazines and other forms of media? Most of them have nothing in common but the possibility that something tragic will befall them somewhere in the future because of their lifestyles.

    I believe that Sarah Palin may fit somewhere in that catagory. Even more so because of her position in U.S. Government.

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    I really don't know, if you listened to her back when she 1st came out, she was dumber than a box of rocks just like Bush was. But if your coached and throwed in front of a camera daily then you will be famous in one way or another. Dumb rocks roll with dumb rocks. Why don't people vote for smart people rather than a pretty face with a ear piercing voice.

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    1 decade ago

    because she's a pathetic piece of Alaskan trash that can't admit she lost and thinks there is a chance she will actually be president when its obvious she won't, and that the majority of her stupid following know even less about politics than she does. and the people at fox news love her which means that she is probably as crazy as they are.

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    Being a desperation trump card for McCain, we're all still in awe over the stupidity her following embrace.

  • because allot of americans know in their hearts she talks the truth and its what most of us feel its time that we all start taking accountability for ourselves and forget about what peter and paul down the street is or isn't doing , get back to the basics of our Constitution and stop trying to reword it to make it mean what a few sick minded few want, if it isn't natural why should there be a law to protect it or why should they have so many rights that no one else can get , so things are not meant for votes and common sense should be the guide not who has the most money that creates the influence of the world . some things are not meant to be and she only voices what 75% of people want to hear. its time we listen to her is my opinion hunting and guns won this country and keeps tyrants at bay

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know how she ever got attention. Maybe shes the token hillbilly.

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