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I need help with my roller hockey skates?

I have Tour code mx skates i love them and they have ~~~~bevo abec 9 bearings~~~~ and I need to know if those are good because Need to be able to go really fast and If they arent good for that than what should I buy?

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    Yes, bearings make a difference when you skate. Bearings are funny, ABEC 9 should be a fast smooth bearing. Generally the best bearings are either an ABEC 9 or a Swiss bearing. But the brand and where they are made makes a difference in their performance. This brand may not be the best. Here is a good article to know the pros and cons of ABEC and Swiss bearings:

    You shouldn't have many issues with these bearings but you can always upgrade. If you are wanting to get a better bearing I would suggest these:

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    If the skates fit you and you like them, use them.

    The ABEC rating has almost nothing to do with skates, unless you are moving over 200 MPH. It is an industrial standard for vibration in very high speed equipment and has nothing to do with rolling freely. The best skate bearings from Twin Cam, Zero Drag and Bones do not meet any ABEC standard because they can make bearings that roll better and are more durable by violating the ABEC specs.

    Unless you have really horrid bearings, 95% of your speed will be based on your skill and fitness with most of the rest being the wheels you are using.

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    Look, a good skater will skate good in any kind of skates. The game of hockey is not on looks, fashion, or fashion divas.... Skate with whatever you like. If its comfartable. Than go ahead and skate with them. No one really cares what the colour of your skates are, or if your wheels are green or blue, just enjoy and play the game.

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