Who's Incharge of Adding New Languages to Wikipedia & to be Specific Who's Responsible of adding (Egyptian) ?

Just to explain few things ppl in Egypt speaks Arabic & "Egyptian" is Just another Arabic Accent or Dialect if you may say

Now wikipedia already had Arabic & Now it has "Egyptian" ( u'll see it as مصري) which is by the way not the only "Egyptian" Accent in Egypt !!

In the Arabic world All Books, References, News & Documentary Channels (& for some reason usually Cartoons) are always done In Classical Arabic which is easily understood by everyone & it's very hard to take any of them seriously if they weren't

to Explain this it would be like if some one is writing in Wikipedia in this way ( cuz Southerns aint gonna make peace with them ppl of the North) ....[ok maybe it's a poor example :P] but I put it there to answer those who will say it's a good thing to add the spoken live Language to Wikipedia

The real disaster is there's over 20 countries (22 or 24 not sure) where ppl speak Arabic & every country has two or three accents at least ....so doing this will create a new 70 useless Languages where as the information in Classical Arabic is really poor (comparing to English) as it is ..... so it's a CRIME really !

I don't have a problem with Egyptians or their accent & I put a survey like this on (google ejabat) which is the arabic version of google Answers & everyone Especially Egyptians think that it's ridiculous & stupid & they use the Classical Arabic page

Another thing that '''some one''' is spending a lot of time and effort to copy pages from Classical Arabic to "Egyptian" without adding anything new to it actually (it's not like Egyptians r writing the pages in their accent cuz it wouldn't make any sense if it's already there in Classical Arabic)

What do u think of this in General .... & Do u think that there's an agenda behind this (a political one to be specific) ?!!!

Ps: there's no county where ppl actually speak Classical Arabic in their Daily life so it's not like a certain country or accent is dominating the others & all countries recognize Classical Arabic as the official Language including Egypt which doesn't recognize "Egyptian"

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    If I understand you correctly, your concern is that the Masry Wikipedia (currently ranked 112 on the "List of Wikipedias" - see link to English intro page below) will "siphon off" potential users, editors, and writers of the Classical Arabic Wikipedia (currently ranked #25). It's a legitimate concern, since that's exactly what it will do.

    I would tell you that this is actually a good thing, because it will result in fewer writers in both Masry and Classical Arabic being sucked into Wikipedia's general miasma of cultural degradation, and nowhere is it more important to prevent cultural degradation than in the Middle East. But I digress.

    The important thing for you to understand is that the people who run "Wikipedia" (i.e., the Wikimedia Foundation along with a few high-ranking users) have virtually no appreciation for the complexity of Middle Eastern culture whatsoever. The same could be said of most African and Asian cultures. These people are mostly Americans, Europeans, and a few Australians; they're not necessarily doing this to be mean-spirited, they're simply ignorant of the issues involved because their own educational systems don't teach them about these things.

    That's not to say there wasn't some controversy in this particular case; it's Wikipedia, so controversy is always assumed. If you're looking for the controversy, it's on the third link below. One or two users made the point that Masry is a dialect, much as "Australian English" and "British English" are dialects of English, but they were either outnumbered, or the "language committee" decided they were wrong.

    Unfortunately, now that the wiki has been established and is "in production," the chances that it will ever be removed are very close to zero.

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    Have you ever considered switching over to de-caff, zeido? Just wondering. Cheers, mate.

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