I would like to become a cia agent (spy) I am planning on military experience but will I need college ?

I am 17 years old and I am planning on joining the army upon my high school graduation. I will try to become special forces within the army, but my major goal in life is to become a cia agent. Will I need college in addition to the military experience ? What way should I go about it ? Ex. Army then college then cia ? or College then army then cia ? or just army then cia ? do i even need college ?Thank you for taking the time to offer advice I appreciate it.

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    Yo, Rocky!

    Your problem is that you are too young to know and are only being attracted to the "glamour" of the job!

    If anybody wants to work for the government in CIA, FBI, DEA, or any other little known "secret" jobs do not waste your 4 years in the military.

    There is almost nothing that you can learn in the military that will prepare you for these special government jobs.

    You go to their websites and see what their requirements are. You will most assuredly find that nowhere will it mention that military service is a prerequisite for employment.

    You go to COLLEGE and get the 4 year degrees that they mention.

    Then, you apply and hope your background is suitable for these jobs.

    You want to be in the Agency? Then, contact one of their public affairs people and sit down and talk with them. As a matter of fact I spoke with one at a high school job fair for graduates. Seek them out.

    Your everyday military recruiter has no knowledge or opinions about the CIA! Their job is to sign up the numbers of people they are told to scour the community to get per month.

    Remember the catch word: COULD... don't confuse it with the words WILL...

    "Military Transition

    Your prior military service could qualify you to continue to serve your nation at the Central Intelligence Agency. Opportunities for qualified applicants are available in the U.S. and abroad.

    If you join the CIA, your military service could affect the benefits you earn as a federal employee."

    What does "THIS" tell you? It tells you to go to college and work with the Agency during your college years. Read between the lines.....

    "Student Opportunities

    Contribute to the work of the nation before you graduate. Apply to participate in one of the outstanding student work programs at the CIA, including undergraduate student internships or undergraduate co-ops, and graduate studies programs.

    This is an opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals who support US officials that make our country's foreign policy. You'll assist with substantive and meaningful work assignments, while earning a competitive income and gaining invaluable practical experience. There's no better place to learn than at the center of intelligence."

    "Clandestine Service Trainee (CST) Program

    This is the launching pad for challenging positions in the National Clandestine Service, providing new officers an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of today's senior NCS managers. Uniquely qualified trainees are groomed in an intensive year-long training program to prepare them for the foreign-intelligence-collection challenges facing the US today."

    "I am in the military. Can I transfer to the CIA to fulfill my obligation?

    No. You must fulfill your obligation to the Armed Services. You should apply via the Web site as your final year of service begins if you are interested in seeking employment with the Agency. You should also know that the CIA is not a veteran preference agency."

    Read between the lines. Not only a B.A./B.S. degree but a MASTER'S also.

    "Having an undergraduate degree is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. Life experiences are taken into consideration. However, a standard requirement for overseas officers, intelligence analysts, and other non-clerical positions is a college degree, preferably an advanced degree."

    Want to be a "spy?" Learn to speak double-talk and parse your words and speak with innuendo.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989. https://www.cia.gov/careers/index.html P.S. And remove your identity from the Internet. Don't let people know who you are. Become a "non-person." Have few friends, get close to no one because you will be going to some other country or near there to gather clandestine intelligence information. You don't want to be known. Remove all photos of yourself from the Internet. Lest a "cartel" identify you and come after you.
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    This Site Might Help You.


    I would like to become a cia agent (spy) I am planning on military experience but will I need college ?

    I am 17 years old and I am planning on joining the army upon my high school graduation. I will try to become special forces within the army, but my major goal in life is to become a cia agent. Will I need college in addition to the military experience ? What way should I go about it ? Ex. Army then...

    Source(s): cia agent spy planning military experience college: https://biturl.im/QqMli
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    In most cases you will need four years of college. There is however a possibility of being approached by recruiters while in Special Forces and at FT. Bragg. Depending on how you performed during combat or Special ops. They often recruit from the ranks of such units as Delta Force, Navy Seals, Special Forces and Force recon. Or at least they did while I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, back in 1970. FYI I believe some college and knowledge of a foreign language are still requirements for Special forces. Be advised tho, if you get in thru these channels. You will be doing nothing but " Wet Work " ( a hit man ) Best bet do Army, Use GI bill for college, then apply to CIA keep your record clean. I believe some of the courses required will be, Physciatry, Accounting, Criminology,and a nack for languages, etc. But Check out there website just to be sure. Good luck on your quest

    Source(s): Ex Military
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    Short Version: Go to college first, forget about the army route. It will be much faster.

    I am pretty sure based upon your age and question that you would probably apply as a core collector:


    The requirements are that you have a Bachelors Degree with a gpa of 3.0 or higher and it is highly preferred that you study a language while your in college.

    Some traits that I have found when meeting these people overseas are: EXTREMELY independent, resourceful and social.

    If you dont have these traits that's OK. there is an Internship you can go to while your in college:


    Good Luck, and don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible....

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    I had military experience when I was 8 then joined the CIA at 9 years old.

    I went though the ranks real quick and retired at age 17 at the highest rank and still have access to top secret information.

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      The best way to join is knowing secret codes.
      Complete Operation Blue Dash Ten Zero One then complete Operation No Tong Two Seven Nine.

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    9 years ago

    Good luck with that! College first. I wanted to be a pro football player, or movie star. You're 17 not 10. you better get back to reality. If you have to ask that on here, what good would you be to the CIA? Do some research!

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    If you went to West Point you could essentially do both. However you need nearly perfect scores all around to get in. I have a friend who is doing exactly what you want to do. He did not however join for that reason but he is there now, not as an agent he works with the intelligence information. Look into it!!!

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    A smart man would use the CIA's Careers Website to learn about all of the requirements needed for employment:


    That is where I would start James Bond..a key attribute of a CIA operative is resourcefulness....juts sayin

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    How To Join The Cia

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