? about free softwear?

this ? is about google doc. and its free softwear. How could small business benefit from it? How about public schools? Also what are draw backs to free software like google doc?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Google Docs is free and internet based - a cloud application. The problem in that is the same for any of the new breed of "cloud computing" applications..

    1) security - do you trust any third party with your documents?

    2) availability - what happens when you lose your internet connectivity or their servers go down?

    There is a lot of good free software around. I buy software from Adobe (one of the creative suites) and Microsoft Office, everything else I can find good alternatives for what I do for free.

    For a lot of businesses and schools there is no great cost advantage in free software. Most companies practically give their products away to educational establishments. A local technical college has copies of Office for their students at $7, the university I work at gives it away to their students, along with Windows 7 Enterprise if they want it. I recently had a copy of Adobe Master Suite put on my work computer - it cost nowhere near the $2,600 Adobe charges people for it. I've also got a copy of it on my home computer, but because I'm a repeat customer I also got it a lot cheaper. Even if I payed full price for it, that's still not a lot compared to the money I paid as a student to learn how to use it properly.

    For many businesses the cost of free software isn't that much different to paid for software. An example, a friend of mine is a manager. He uses Red Hat (a free Linux) on a lot of the computers he controls. Red Hat is free but the support costs around 3 to 5 thousand dollars a year.

    Individuals and small businesses often have to pay premium price for stuff - it's not just software, but practically everything. It seems unfair, but that's the economy and business model we live with.

    There really isn't any drawback to free software but many businesses don't want to deal with it. For many, the cost of commercial software is peanuts compared to their total IT spending. They need software that is efficient and dependable. Although a lot have changed to free software, many won't because free software isn't that much cheaper for them and they need something that they know is 100% compatible with the businesses they do business with. For example, Open Office is good but it's still not 100% compatible with MS Office.

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  • Daniel
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    9 years ago

    A small business can benefit from not having to pay a lot of money to Microsoft, in the way of licenses in order to run Office on a lot of computers, for one thing. Same thing goes for educational establishments as well.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you could certainly benefit from this, microsoft office is very expensive. the only drawbacks with free software (or freeware), are that sometimes you can get a virus on your computer. however so long as you download it from a useful source, in this case google itself, ou should be fine.

    Can I also recommend open office, it is very, very similar to microsoft, just as good and totally free.

    Source(s): http://openoffice.org/ the site for open office
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