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Importance of Oracle Certification Examinations?

can any one tell me the Importance of Oracle Certification Examinations?

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    Oracle is also one of the top most multinational companies that offer its valuable certification programs to the IT professionals. From oracle certifications, it is possible for the professionals to reach heights in information technology career. In order to perform well in the oracle exams, it is recommended to the professionals to get trained from reputed training centers. It will be great if candidates take training directly from Oracle University. Candidates can gain more knowledge and experience in Oracle University because only masters/ experts will provide training to the candidates. Before taking any oracle examinations, the foremost thing that the candidates have to do is to know about the exam syllabus and that will help them to get a clear knowledge in learning the course. All these exam details and other details are available directly in the oracle website. Candidates can also make use of various learning methods and can select their best from any of the available resources.

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    Hemang ShahHemang Shah wrote this • 13m

    How do I find bottlenecks in SQL queries written for an Oracle database?

    Hemang Shah

    Hemang Shah

    Oracle's explain plan can help you to find bottlenecks !!

    Written 13m ago.


    Hemang ShahHemang Shah followed Narsing Rao • 24m

    Narsing Rao

    Narsing Rao


    Oracle Certification

    Hemang ShahHemang Shah upvoted this • 25m

    What's the benefit of giving a specialist exam for oracle?

    Narsing Rao

    Narsing Rao

    2 upvotes by Hemang Shah and Shreyas Sudhaman.

    The main benifit in my view of giving a specialist exam is that, in the process of preparing for that exam you will know in and out of that technology. So, you can better design or code using the a... (more)




    Oracle Certification

    Hemang ShahHemang Shah upvoted this • 26m

    What are some best interview Question for Oracle?

    Prasanna Sridhar

    Prasanna Sridhar

    1 upvote by Hemang Shah.

    For a PL/SQL dev role, questions could be from Oracle database architecture, performance tuning. Ex : How does compression work in Oracle? While reading a compressed table how is performance affe... (more)




    Oracle Certification

    Hemang ShahHemang Shah added this • Fri

    What's the benefit of giving a specialist exam for oracle?

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    Oracle Certification

    Hemang ShahHemang Shah wrote this • 19 Nov

    I want to give OCJP exam. How should I prepare? Where should I start from?

    Hemang Shah

    Hemang Shah

    1 upvote by Anant Goswami.

    Oracle certifications are a reliable validation of training and experience that can accelerate your professional development, improve your productivity, and enhance your credibility. So, its high... (more)


    Oracle Certification

    Hemang ShahHemang Shah wrote this • 19 Nov

    Is there any value in taking Oracle Certification Exams?

    Hemang Shah

    Hemang Shah

    Earning your Oracle Certification gives you a well-respected IT credential that validates your expertise.There are many reasons why you should do Oracle certified , and I am convinced with long term value it adds in your career, knowledge and personality, and I hope some of this reasons will also help you to see value of becoming Java certified.

    1)Opportunity to learn Oracle better

    2)Help to pass Oracle written tests

    3) Hiring Preference

    4)Confidence Boost

    5)Add value to Resume

    6)Better Salary

    7)Opportunity to upgrade your Oracle knowledge

    8) Reimbursement from Employer

    9) Rejuvenate your learning Skill

    10) Recognition in Team

    All the best :)

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    7 years ago

    Gone are the days when Oracle Certifications were mere hiring tools. We have entered an arena where these certifications are considered as a screening tool. If you do not have a certification, you certainly are not serious about your path and even not eligible to appear in the interview. These certified employees prove themselves to be the best at every challenge thrown to them from the IT sphere. They provide improved customer service, have better credibility for the organisation, own knowledge of the latest technological trends, and enjoy higher salary benefits over any other normal employee. To gain the certification, you may check out the link given below

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    I think Oracle certification examinations are really very important if you want to enter in the world of Oracle.Its a life time advantage if you have a certification of Oracle it will surely help to get a best job in this industry.My one friend just completed this and got a best job in a very good company.

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    well that's up to u oracle and mba they are both separate platform however if u feel that u immediate need to bag a job u can go for oracle certification and u can continue to pursue mba in distance or something like that and this can give u quite mileage as because u are gaining some experience along with a degree or other wise after having a years or 2 experience u can apply for Executive mba .as experience matter a lots in this it fields and as oracle certified ur opportunities are Unlimited u can apply for several IT- ES (it enable services) like baking, telcom etc. how ever if u want to give ur study more important and not very serious to bag a job at this stage u can go for a regular mba yes u will also get a better mileage here. as the salary package in management jobs are also quite high . now it is up to u whether u immediately need to bag a job if so go for oracle. otherwise if u need to FOCUS on ur study go for a regular mba

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    OCP are rated High and have equal importance

    Source(s): Get your Free Oracle Certification Learning Resources from here: Get Top Oracle jobs here:
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