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How much Cherokee blood do I have? (Info on family is provided)?

This question is both for personal reasons, and school reasons. On my mothers side of the family, both my great grandmothers were half Cherokee. My grandfather's father (My great grandfather) was part cherokee too. How much would that make me? My mother's family is so far the only cherokee ancestry we know. My father is 100% Portuguese, and so are both his parents (My grandparents from his side of the family). Would I be considered legible to join a tribe? I don't know if this is enough information. If not, then is there a place where I can get my DNA checked for a cheap price (Less than $100)? Thanks!

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    This is something you need to work out with simple maths, however to prove it you need to research your family history whatever it is for ( personal/school) as families tell stories which they completely beleive, but as they pass down the generations they are often embellished, some may be true, most are completely false but it is your family oral history which is important and DNA testing will not enable you to enrol for example in a tribe...they want cited referenced family history through records. these website may also help you

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  • Ok first here is the DNA page to order a kit.

    Also here are some pages to help you:

    By the way while your looking to get something free from the tax payers for being part indian? Think about this. My great great great grandmothers father was scalped and hung in a tree by indians during the war of indians in New York what compensation can I get from the Indians for that? hum?

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    i can understand what you plan. yet i for my area do have community American ancestry. i might desire to correctly be between the white people that somewhat understand who it comes from and can know how little they have. I even have so little i'm far from ever turning out to be a member of any tribe. which may be ridiculous. i'm from an previous Southern kin persons, and for some reason many previous Southern families lay declare to that. yet even nevertheless we've photos of my ancestor, and the guy even cautioned us she grew to alter into community American, and all her cousins descendants say that her grandparents had community American in them. One even has records to lower back it up, which provides genuine info of this. yet even nevertheless, i'm frequently Irish, Scottish, and English, throw some French and German, and then below a drop of community American blood and you get.... me! yet after all, I understand what you plan, and that i'm getting the humor lol

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