What piping tip can I use to make BIG swirls on cupcakes?

I just watched cupcake wars and I was wondering what kind of piping tip do they use to make the swirls so big? Because I have a round wilton piping tip, but it makes very small round swirls. If anyone knows what size tip this is please let me know. Thank you in advance! (I hope this made sense)

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    You don't have to have a tip to make those swirls. Just put a coupler in the bag and make the swirls using only the coupler and no tip. When doing this you have to make sure your coupler does not have a notch in it. The coupler has to be completely round.

    You can also do this by using a disposable bag and cut the end off until you have the size of opening you want.

    If you really want to get a tip to use...the largest tip you can get to use with your coupler is a tip #12. Wilton also has a tip which you use without a coupler and it is tip # 1A.


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    Piping Swirls On Cupcakes

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    Step 1

    Hold Open Star Decorating Tip 1M approximately 1/4" above cupcake top at a 90° angle to cupcake surface. Pipe a spiral of icing, beginning at the outer edge and working inward.

    Step 2

    Stop pressure; pull tip away.

    Step 3

    Pipe a second spiral, smaller (not as wide) on top. End spiral at center. Stop pressure; pull tip straight up and away.

    I have built up the swirl in three parts, to make it more easy to see and hopefully understand So here goes:

    Step 1:

    I have used a star tip with a 11mm opening and filled the pipingbag with Italian Meringue Buttercream. I always start at the center of the cupcake (holding the bag at a 90 degree angle). Move the pipingbag to the right and go anticlockwise. While piping its important that you make sure to lift the tip slightly or it will ruin the star pattern while you pipe. Pipe close to the cupcake paper edge.

    Tip: You can make a more flat swirl by finishing at the center again. Going only 1 round.

    Step 2:

    After a whole round, pipe a new round on top of the first.

    Step 3:

    Pipe the final round and finish in the center again. Gently pull back the piping tip.the “built up” swirl to the left and the “real” swirl to the right, that is piped in one go.Use the same technique for the mini cupcakes, only piping two rounds. I have used a smaller star tip (9mm)

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    you can always get a zippie put your choice frosting and cut it(the edge of the zippie, corner) on how big you want the frosting to come out & jux squeeze it out into a swirl. :D hope it helps. workked for me :D

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