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what kung fu is this?

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&feature=related i have a feeling this is northern shaolin because of the kicks

i have seen some wesley snipes moves in here and i heard he did Various kung fu styles

is this it

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    You can't always tell what style of Kung-Fu it is by just watching it..... Unless they say, or you know what style the person doing it is, it is a guess at best. Many styles of Kung-Fu look alike. but there are known to be at least 300-400 different styles. And there may be more. 300-400 was the estimate published in Black Belt Magazine back in the 1960's or 1970's. There is just no way to tell by only seeing it practiced.

    According to what i have been able to find, he is supposedly doing Shaolin Kung-Fu. but Shaolin Kung-Fu is not one set style, it can be several different things. Looking at the video, I don;t see anything that looks Chinese at all. It looks, like Taekwondo and gobbledygook, hotdog, XMA crap. His best advantage is that he is fast, flexible, and tall. If he was 5'10 or shorter, he would not be scoring many of those kicks at all. I'm sure he worked hard to be able to do those things, but as far as I'm concerned, it is not authentic Kung-Fu...

    just my opinion.


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    Looks to be a hybrid form of Ochi-Ry Fu Do, or possibly, 3rd Tiger's Eye Gung Fu from the Northern Province.

    However, there is slight evidence that it is a rare form of Gung Fu Isshi Ryu dating to the Ming Dynasty, and only rumored to exist; until hints of it's style still being practiced surfaced in the early 1960's when a lost mountain climber came upon a village half starved and was nursed back to health, and in the process mastered the art, and brought it back to his homeland.

    This man's name was Chuck Norris.

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    He teacher northern Shaolin kung fu in the UK.

    Source(s): kung fu dude
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    Looks northern. Why don't you ask him? He's accessible via internet.

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    You can't tell what art someone is doing when they are sparring.

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    9 years ago

    just wushu idk if it is any one style

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