What do you think of these combinations?


Sheila Diane

Nancy Kiersten

Glenda Marie

Vivian Charlotte

Delores Eve

Marion Genevieve

Roxanne Aurora


Neil Preston

Roger Nathaniel

Phillip Richard

Martin Gerard

Leonard Matthias

Todd Hayden

Gilbert Louis

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  • 10 years ago
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    I love older names. They always have a smart, classic, sophisticated feel to them. My favorites from these are Vivian Charlotte, Marion Genevieve, Roxanne Aurora, Neil Preston, Leonard Matthias, and Todd Hayden.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Sheila Diane 4/10 seila is ok, hate diane

    Nancy Kiersten2/10 nancy is gross, kierston is ok, but odd

    Glenda Marie1/10 glenda is...

    Vivian Charlotte0/10 always hated both these names

    Delores Eve4/10 delores is awful, eve is cute

    Marion Genevieve0/10 sounds horrible

    Roxanne Aurora7/10 your best name here!


    Neil Preston 2/10 neil is so gross, preston is ok

    Roger Nathaniel0/10 sooo horrible, no offense

    Phillip Richard0/10 same as above

    Martin Gerard0/10 same as above

    Leonard Matthias3/10 mathias is ok

    Todd Hayden4/10 ok names, but doesnt flow well

    Gilbert Louis1/10 hate.

    sorry, but i dislike all but roxanne aurora

  • 10 years ago

    these names really aren't my taste as they remind me of people in their 50's but anyhoo you clearly have different taste to me. In saying that I don't know if you then want me to rate them but my faves are:

    1 Vivian Charlotte

    2 Nancy Kiersten

    I do really like Eve as well what about Marion Eve?

    1 Leonard Matthias (but only if he gets called Leo :)

    2.Neil Preston, i like Louis better though for the middle name

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    welll i think thats okay and nice so carry on..

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