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What website or magazine would someone in the Medical Profession use to keep abreast of cutting edge?

technologies..I'm a Investor asking?...Thank You


Hey..Emily..Could you describe the difference.."JAMA and AMNews".....Are both cutting edge?

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    The whole medical community uses JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). They often publish articles on technology as well as other types of medical research.

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    I would give the New England Journal of Medicine the edge over JAMA. But really, you also have to consider the Journal of whatever -medicine, surgery, pediatrics, ad almost infinitum. Many of these are available both in print and online. Alas, my local library no longer carries the NEJM since it went online. Bummer.

    When I consult my stock broker, I am amazed with her knowledge of drugs in the pipeline and promising areas of medical research. You might ask yours how he/she keeps abreast. Also try the Wall Street Journal or Barrons. I read these irregularly since I am mainly in conservative investments.

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