How to write a cover letter--lab tech to research coordinator?

I have worked as a research lab tech doing basic experiments for a year and have a bachelor's in biomedical science (like biology for pre-vet/meds). I want to be a research coordinator but I can't figure out what to do for the cover letter, since my experience is in the actual lab work and I know coordinators deal with the applications and paperwork. Can anyone in the field help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I work as a CRA and I monitor a research coordinator's work every day.

    These are the traits of a person that make a good coordinator:

    -Ability to multitask



    -Ability to follow directions (in a protocol)

    Relate you responsibilities to each of these traits.

    I would structure your letter like this:

    Address/Standard Heading


    Explain who you are and what job you are applying for.

    Talk about how your skills relate to the position of being a coordinator. (Don't talk about how good you are at working in a lab, talk about how your can effectively transfer your lab skills in to the clinical arena)

    Conclusion, provide contact information


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  • darsch
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    3 years ago

    i might write the letter. issues won't be in a position to be fastened if no person understands there's a concern. Be very careful with the wording. compliment the pastor and the church. Be very complimenting concerning to the provider. Then in simple terms upload which you have a splash project concerning to the girl who acted through fact the coordinator. Say issues like "perhaps she became in simple terms having an off day, yet she became relatively impolite to our wedding ceremony planner. I basically point out this through fact it became this variety of assessment to the the remainder of the provider. i'm hoping that we did not something to offend her, and that maybe with some words of encouragement from you (the pastor) this could be the tip of the priority." Then say thank you lower back for the ideal provider. I even have written many letters expressing my dissatisfaction with a product/provider, and if written the nicely suited way (without contempt, language, or malice) they have all been gained interior the spirit meant, and a answer became got here upon that worked for the two events. I even had one time the place the worker became impolite to my daughter, and when I counseled the govt (in a letter) the govt referred to as to say sorry to my daughter for the habit of her worker. Kindness works. Being impolite will basically get you letter thrown interior the trash, and then they are in a position to have not something advantageous to assert approximately you. desire this permits.

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