Why is a Plainclothes watching me?

A few weeks ago, the police did a "bust" on the apartment across the hall from me. A few days ago, the tenant was evicted. Yesterday I noticed a couple of police cars around who seemed to be watching me and my husband. TODAY a

man in a black truck not only was watching my apartment (I live on the first floor right next to the road), but he was staring intently into the living room window directly at me and my husband. We are clean cut people and don't have bad records. Why in Earth do I have to feel like a criminal suspect? Should I fear some kind of arrest, even though I haven't done anything?

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    9 years ago
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    If you live in a 3rd party state you might have a little to worry about..what i mean by 3rd party is that in some states a so called witness can lie on a person and have them arrested..say you argue with your boyfriend..police come and a neighbor who doesn't like you says she hit him ..they arrest you even though boyfriend say no..that's a 3rd party arrest..now if these people who live across the hall didn't like you or your husband they may have said you all had some involvement or the police could be speculating that you and your husband may be involved if they wasn't satisfied with the bust..like maybe they think they had the wrong apartment # and need to watch you all..but don't worry carry on with your usual activities and keep your blinds/curtains closed...

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    9 years ago

    he might be seeing if anybody else tries to enter the building or maybe to watch you two to see if you had any kind of criminal affiliation with the suspect

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  • 9 years ago

    An gimme no privacy............. whooooah.......!!

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