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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! English "achieve sult status"?

What does it mean to "achieve cult status"? To be "mythical"? Who else can you think of who could have these descriptions applied to him or her? Who else can you think of who fits the description of "dying young after producing works of genius"?

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    achieving cult status means that, despite a lack of immediate success, you have a small but fiercely loyal following of fans, or devotees. for instance, the "rocky horror picture show" is a movie that is the very definition of a cult classic, it was not very profitable and did not win critical acclaim, however, despite all this its sheer peculiarity has created a small fan base of people who are zealously fond of the film.

    some celebrities also have cult followings, they are generally not extremely famous but have gained a fan base from a single performance. an example of the this is the wrestler Andre the Giant. outside of his wrestling fame, he is beloved by a minute portion of movie fans for his portrayal of Fezzik in the movie"The Princess Bride". hes not a particularly good actor, but the small comical role gained him an oddly persistent fame.

    and as far as people who die young after producing works of genius go

    we have musicians like Mozart, who died in poverty after composing some of classical musics masterpieces at a young age

    some people also list the frontman from Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix alongside Mozart as musicians who dided young after incredible fame

    the actor River Pheonix died very young after a promising career, gaining critcal acclaim for nearly every role he played

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    Jimmie Hendrix

    Janis Joplin

    John Lennon

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