what was the outcome of the following cases?

baker v carr

engel v vitale

bethel v fraser

hazelwood v kuhlmeier

tinker v des moines

texas v johnson

near v minnesota

new jersey v TLO

miranda v arizona

gideon v wainwright

mapp v ohio

goss v lopez

plessy v ferguson

and brown v BOE.

i have some of them but others i cant find them anywhere and my govt teacher wont tell me! ughh please help me i have my HSA's in 2 days and i need to know all of them!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


okayyyyyyyyyyy i googled some now the only one i REALLY cannot find is baker v carr and near v minnesotta. can you guys help me with these two?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    You do not appear to have tried very hard but rather wish others to do your work for you so fire up the old google search engine and go for it because in the long run you will learn much more.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Try wikipedia or a plain old google search. These are all well known cases that I recognize by sight/name so there shouldn't be any problem in this day and age finding out what their results were over the internet.

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