how to convert 350 mm/sec to cm/min.?

I am taking Chemistry and I am work on some practice problems. I have no idea how to do this one and the book does not explain it well. So could any one help me and show me how to do it!

Convert 350 mm/sec to cm/min.

I also have this problem that does not make scene!

Convert 1.2 ppm to percent concentration.

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  • xuled
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    9 years ago
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    1 cm = 10 mm , 1mm = 0.1 cm

    1 min = 60 sec, 1 sec = 0.016 min

    350 mm/sec = 350 * (0.1/0.016) cm/min

    350 mm/sec = 2187.5 cm/min

    1.2 ppm = (1.2/10^6)*100 = 0.00012 %

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well this is just simple maths unless I'm very wrong..How is that a Chemistry question lol?

    You just divide 350 by 100 (because that would convert mm to cm) then u divide again by 60 (to convert seconds to mins, 60 seconds in a min blah blah)

    So I make the answer to be 0.0583(with the 3 recurring I cant do the dot lol)

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