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How did William Shakespeare influence people of the world?

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    Hello Ena;

    William Shakespeare was the greatest playwright to work with the English Language. His influence can be broken down into two general categories:

    1. In the field of language and literature Shakespeare is the giant. Many of his lines have become quotations that are still being used in common speech 400 years after his death. The plays he wrote are still being produced and interpreted. Actors are (often) still measured by their ability to perform Shakespeare's works. Two of his plays, Hamlet, and Midsummer's Night's Dream contain wonderful commentaries about theatre, and acting.

    2. In the field of culture (separate from literature) Shakespeare wrote about timeless themes and situations that are still experienced today. Shakespeare was an expert on the human condition. For instance the scene between Polonius and his son, Laertes in "Hamlet" is what every father means to say to his son when he leaves for college. "Henry V" is about warfare and some of the things Shakespeare has to say are as profound today in Iran as they were in 14th century France. "King Lear" is a play about parenting. Hamlet's soliloquy "To be or not to be ..." is an argument against suicide that is still relevant. There is a drug deal in "Romeo and Juliet" that cautions about the money being more poisonous than the drugs. Racism is dealt with in both "Othello" and "Merchant of Venice".


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    William Shakespeare Influence

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    Through a huge body of work including sonnets, tragedies, comedies, and histories

    He brought literature to the masses.

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    he addressed the people through his passion and his love for tsaliking about love he is agreat writter and everyone needs to know that

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