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Why did Fox News remove Sarah Palin from their list of "On-Air Personalities" recently?

Here's the M to Q list, but no Palin. Hmmm

Martha MacCallum

Michelle Malkin

Robert Massi

Dagen McDowell

Angela McGlowan

Thomas McInerney

Doug McKelway

David Lee Miller

Maria Molina

Father Jonathan Morris

Clayton Morris

Andrew P. Napolitano

Chuck Nash

Heather Nauert

Reena Ninan

Oliver North

Bill O'Reilly

Greg Palkot

Liz Peek

Uma Pemmaraju

Charles Pena

Walid Phares

David Phillips

Jim Pinkerton

Jeanine Pirro

Alfred Poor


@ Awesome: Juan Williams is in the R to Z list...and still there

Ryan Radia

Marianne Rafferty

Ellen Ratner

Rick Reichmuth

Sandy Rios

Geraldo Rivera

Peter Robinson

James Rosen

Isadore Rosenfeld

Dennis B. Ross

Orlando Salinas

Bill Sammon

Robert Scales

Jon Scott

Jonathan Serrie

Eric Shawn

Gary B. Smith

Tobin Smith

Shepard Smith

Dan Springer

Casey Stegall

Steve Stone

Cal Thomas

Michael Tobin

Liz Trotta

Greta Van Susteren

Stuart Varney

Leland Vittert

Anita Vogel

Chris Wallace

Rod Wheeler

Lis Wiehl

Juan Williams

Georgia Witkin

Kelly Wright

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    Palin freaks out when a book author moves in next door to her for the summer, builds a 14 foot fence and broadcasts her paranoia even though the guy never threatened her in the least.

    She freaks out when Rahm Emanuel uses the word 'retarded' unrelated to her or her child.

    But, when she puts forth gun imagery, cross-hair­s and other violent themed messages, it's OK. She needs to be set straight on this.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She has a TV show now?

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Why is always you "nwebies" that have the most ignorant posts?

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    1 decade ago

    Did they fire Jaun Williams also...

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