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gok asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago



〈浸潤‧智慧之島〉選用John Donne的散文作為創作發想,近而營造出擁有東方意境的作品。裝置在二樓廣場灰色牆面上的作品,以報紙做為主要媒材,堆砌成的山水壁飾煙波渺渺、氣蘊靈動,層疊堆砌的報紙也象徵了歷史、文化、知識的累積,表現出「積少成多,聚沙成塔」的精神意涵。並於廣場中央設置以島為意象的不鏽鋼雕塑,席坐在作品之上,彷彿置身於智慧大洋當中,感受這知識氛圍的洗禮。



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    9 years ago
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    (Being Soaked in a Wisdom Island) The ideas of this creation are from John Donne's prose, but presented with an eastern flavor. Decorated on the wall of the second-floor square, this aerial landscape wall decoration is made of newspapers. Layers of newspapers sumbolize history, culture and knowledge and deliver the meaning of "Many a little makes a mickle." In the center of the square, there 's a stainless sculpture, which is the image of a big bird. Sitting on the work is like soaking oneself in the ocean of the wisdom.

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