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Is this an actual high school sport regulation?

there has to be the same amount of girls sports and boys sports?

example of even:

boys: 1. football 2. baseball

girls: 1. softball 2. volleyball

example of uneven:

boys: 1. football

girls: 1. softball 2. volleyball

gender mutual sports do not go to one gender even if only one gender plays

example: tennis is gender mutual but only girls play; still a gender mutual sport.

Is this an actual rule?

I go to highschool in Arkansas, following the AAA rules.


my school is pretty much refusing to give us a softball team,

even though i've been asking four year, and as a senior i would REALLY like to play.

this is ridiculous, they come up with a new excuse every year.

help me out! thanks (:

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    high school sport regulations are not only different in every state but in every city so who knows

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