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What are the dimentions of k?

What are the dimentions of k for



I completely stuck on this problem. Could someone teach me please?

You can answer only first one. If you can do both of them, I will really appreciate that.

Thank you

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    1) k = Force/ displcement

    = NEwton / m

    = kg m /(s^2 m)

    = kg /s^2

    so dimensional formula [ M^1 T^-2]

    2) k= Force/ Velocity ^n

    = kg m s^n



    = kg m^(1-n) s^(n-2)

    Dimensional Formula [ M^1 L^(1-n) T^(n-1)]

    Hope dis helps!

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  • 9 years ago've got to state what each term stands for...otherwise those are just arbitrary variable names.

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