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Why do people deny that the SEC is the best conference?

5 straight national titles. Pac 10, Big Ten, Big Twelve, SEC, Non AQ combines for 0 National Titles in last 5 BCS Championships.

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    You SEC-haters are hilarious. Talking about most national titles cumulative... LOL... that would be the Ivy League because they won a ton of championships before other schools were even playing the game. But the most since 1936 when the NCAA began recognizing the major news services for poll championships? That would be the SEC with 19, which is six more than any other conference. Which would also be the same conference that has not lost in a BCS Championship game, 7-0 and five in a row.

    And for you Big 10 math majors, the SEC was 5-5 this year in bowl games.

    And as for easy regular season schedule? Ohio St. played 4 ranked teams all season, including their bowl game. Auburn played six. LSU played seven including non-conference games against UNC and West Virginia, both ranked. Alabama played seven ranked teams as well including a non-conference beat-down they administered on Penn State. Hate all you want; the facts are what they are.

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    Don't know who or why.

    But as good as they are as long as the NCAA lets them get away with ripping the rules no one can touch em.


    We can give them the best in football but it ends there. The best conference through all sports is the Pack Ten that has far more National Championships than the SEC and any other. SEC academics suck.

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    Wow the SEC dopes are out in full force. This is literally like the 6th "5 in a row lol" thread in the last 2 minutes.

    Auburn won the title, not the effing SEC.

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    @Arch 0049 Why would you want to draw attention to the fact that your team USED to be good in football when no one was even playing them back then? Face it, you aren't relevant today. Most titles prior to the fifties aren't even official anyway or else we'd be listening to Yale and Princeton say they have the most championships with 1-1, 2-0, 3-0 records.

    Learn to live int he future. SEC owns and your team sucks.

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    Usually the SEC Champ is the best team in the country. People can hate on the SEC all they want to but the numbers dont lie. I was rootin against Auburn but they got the job done. Congrats Auburn fans.

    Source(s): Alabama fan for 26 years.
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    SEC was very unimpressive this year. 4-6 in bowl games. very weak non-conference schedule. They won the national championship... but that doesn't necessarily make them the best conference. When Auburn plays teams like Arkansas State and Louisiana-Monroe in the non-conference kinda takes away from them. I'm not saying they should have lost the National Championship game... they won that fair and square

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    It all boils down to a complete misunderstanding of the game of college football.

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    There is no best conference and btw i was rooting for Auburn since newton transferred there

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    lsu and oregon play their first game next year.lets see the tcu fans and scrub schools hate on that

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    I wonder the same thing and I decided they're just hating. The SEC is the BEST!!!! My Gators got 2 of those. :-)

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