How do I sell textbooks on ebay?

I have an account but what is the process of selling and shipping a textbook on ebay or

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  • 9 years ago
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    Selling textbooks is one of my favorite things to sell on Ebay, because they are very simple to list and generally sell very easily. First things first, start by doing a little research. Enter the ISBN number of your textbook (adjacent to the barcode) into Ebay's search field and take note of how many others are for sale right now, and the kind of bids they are receiving. Go to "Advanced Search" and select "Completed Listings Only". If they are getting a lot of bids and almost all of them are sold, you should plan to start your bidding low to attract more bidders and start a bidding war. If many of them are unsold and those that sold were won with one or two bids, you should consider keeping your starting bid high to ensure you get a fair price.

    Since you already have an account, I'll spare you the mundane details and just give you the information I believe you're after. First off, you'll need a credit or debit card to cover the seller fees, no exceptions. Go ahead and take a thorough assessment of the textbook. Are the pages dog-eared? Are there stains, rips, dented edges? What about writing or highlighter marks? None of this makes your textbook unsellable, but it certainly affects the price and should always be noted in your listing, lest the buyer feel cheated and file a claim against you.

    Now, after you tell Ebay the listing you're making is a textbook, it will ask you for the ISBN number. This is what makes textbooks easy to list, all of the pertinent information is entered in automatically. This will also provide you with a stock image, although I suggest taking a picture of your textbook yourself if you have a decent camera. When someone is looking through the search results, nearly every auction will be using the same, boring, obviously stock image. Taking the picture yourself not only showcases the condition it is in, it also helps your auction stand out above the others.

    Shipping almost couldn't be simpler. If you don't have a proper sized box and packing materials, just take the textbook and address down to the post office and they will set you up for a nominal fee.

    I remember when I made my first auction listing. It seems intimidating while you are getting ready to do it, but once it's over you realize it was actually pretty easy. Good luck on your auction!

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    You gotta open up an account on Ebay. Second you must open one on Paypal. (that's where the money gets deposited from the stuff you sell. It's usually linked to your bank account) Setting up a Paypal account take about 3 days. They gotta verify some stuff with your bank. Their legit though. After that, you list the itme for sale on Ebay. You can either have them bid on it. Or buy it at a flat rate you desired.

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    relies upon how lots of a hurry you're to do away with. in case you have them at beginning fee 99c, you run the threat of advertising them for that quantity. you could decide directly to place a greater advantageous beginning fee. you additionally can do purchase it Now with a sequence fee. it is as much as you to be certain the delivery too. it is no longer likely you would be advertising them to a foreign places land. you could specify that throughout your itemizing. Get friendly with your community positioned up workplace and get a coarse theory beforehand of ways lots they value and you could around it up on your itemizing e.g. actually postage may be 8.fifty seven yet you could desire to place $10 on your itemizing (properly you had to %. it besides).

  • Well get an account,get paypal you can figure the rest yourself its' fairly easy

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